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Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon

Site: MF42
Results here:

*Event occurred last October 4 2014 at Alviera Sandbox, Porac Pampanga and my 1st time to joined MF42 as i intend to run CM50 (qualifying race).


Finisher’s medal


Miyamit Falls


Rolling hills!

Route – 9/10 Superb routes, rolling hills and scenic view at the top + the Miyamit Falls are very relaxing, I plunged for few minutes before going back to finish line.
Hydration – 15/10 The Race Director knows best! From Gatorade, Cold drinks and soda..they also served Nutella and Skippy peanut butter for the runners.
Swag – 9/10 Cool dri-fit shirt! nice medal and they also served hungarian sausages as a post race meal.


Elevation profile of MF42 via Strava


As you can see in elevation profile i recorded few Kms as got i lost going back to the finish line, thankfully i made it within the cut off.


CM50 miles

I haven’t posted for a while as I’m currently busy in-real-life activities..good news today my favorite baseball team – SF Giants won its 3rd championship in 5 years 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Anyways… less than a month and an upcoming race will test my physical and mental endurance. The CM50 miles will be my longest Ultra Trail to date ( before it’s  Old Spanish Trail via 65k  ). This is also part of my training for 4 Lakes and H1 by next year.


Race details –

Official result/RD’s report-


This is one of my memorable race so far…I almost got DNF due to the cramps I felt on both legs halfway(30km). From 30km mark I walked to the finish line as my both legs can’t run or jog anymore.



Finisher’s medal

Medal & Bib

Medal & Bib

Lessons learned and no excuses, I should’ve come prepared and train for this. Still I thank God as I made it to the cut-off time. Official time: 8:51:55.533

King of the Mountain: Old Spanish Trail 65k Ulramarathon

Race details here:

Finally, I finished and conquered the last series of King of the Mountain: Old Spanish Trail 65k Ultra Trail Marathon at Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya Philippines. Finished #13 out of 48 Finishers ( 52 starters) with time of 14:55:10. This is my 2nd Ultra trail race after TNF50k held in Baguio-Benguet three weeks ago.

I have no regrets joining “undeground” no frills race event organized by FrontRunner Magazine, like they said the place – Kayapa is such a beautiful and peaceful place along with the kindest people and locals.


Elevation profile taken along the route via Strava

A lot of good points about this race like the Aid stations wherein they served Gatorade, Sodas, Fresh Fruits!, biscuits, chocolates, cup noodles and even rice meal. The marshals and volunteers were very helpful as well! The locals and kids were cheering too along the route! Markers are limited so the runners are alert during the race per Race Director Jonel Mendoza ( stated during race briefing). I heard few runners got lost their way. I forgot to bring my map but the good thing is I didn’t lost my way.. As long as you will follow the foot should be fine.

As for the routes, what “kills” most of the runners are the steeps to climb ( see elevation profile above).

Here are some of the photos taken by me:



Run with the clouds!


One of the those “Uphell” climb


At Mt. Ugo Summit


Great scenic view at the back!


Runners enjoying the race and view!


One of the hanging bridge used by locals ( you need to be careful crossing it)


Old Spanish Trail



My Finisher’s shirt, medal and tropy ( crafted by locals)

I Thank Lord for the strength to finish this race safe and strog! To my family and friends for the cheer and support!

Now back to recovery mode 🙂


The North Face 100 Philippines – 50k

Short clip of 50k distance

Location: Baguio-Benguet Philippines
Music: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses


The North Face 100 Asia Pacific – Philippines UltraMarathon Trail challenge


photo 1 (1)

The North Face 100 Asia Pacific series are always challenging and claimed the Philippines’ edition as the hardest in Asia.

This year, the TNF 100 is back in Bagiuo-Benguet for the 3rd straight year, which has the most challenging trails, routes, and elevation as witnessed by the participants.

More details here:



50k Map and elevation profile


Last weekend ( May 3-4 2014 ) I was given a chance to challenge myself  and joined my 1st ever Trail UltraMarathon (50k run) with the given cut off time off 18hrs. We arrived at the venue – Camp John Hay around 2:00am, I was with my friend who’s newbie to ultramarathon as well, her run started at exactly 3:00am for the 100k race..while waiting for my turn,  I have my gears checked by the marshals and made sure I have the complete mandatory gears. Time passed and I felt chilling due to the weather within Camp John Hay plus the excitement and nervousness. I took pictures in the event and talked to some participants, walked around and doing the “warm-ups” before my turn.


photo 2 (1)

This is me before the gun start.

At exactly 4:00am my 1st ultra trail run started, I was at the middle pack and on “normal pace” along with group of runners. As we run downhill I slipped due to wet trails resulting wound/abrasions on my right knee, it’s still dark and there were no marshals or medics nearby. I wiped my right knee using my bandana wrapped on my neck and poured a little amount of water to cleaned it out.


One of the “uphell” trails


Clouds are chasing us

As I reached the first station after couple of hours, I asked them to clean it and sprayed with antiseptic. I sipped few amount of hydration and took salt stick to maintain my electrolytes level.  Sunrise came and we witnessed how beauty the scenery in Benguet, somehow it eased the pain and exhaustion we felt. As we moved on I took pictures, stumbled while roaming the trails in Benguet and checking my watch at the same time to make sure I will make it within the cut off time.  Hours and Kilometers passed I felt pain on my thighs and feet due to the technicality of the route, “uphell” and “downhell” trails.. I knew from the start this isn’t going to be easy, deep inside I prayed for the guidance and asked for strength to finish this race whether I will make it within cut-off time or not. I took time to rest, eat and “listened to my body” to check if there’s something wrong .



Superb scenery at the top


The peak – turning point.


Upon reaching the last aid station (40km) I didn’t noticed It’s already 12 in the afternoon, it’s really hot that time and and it adds additional burden to us, I briskly walked as I can’t run anymore. My mind still wants to run but my body says no..heck this is what I get in joining this race. I reached Camp John Hay again around 3:00pm and to my surprise I was able to creep up some runners who were also battling fatigue, finally I saw the finish line, looking at my watch its almost 4:00pm and I’m not sure what came to my mind but I rushed all the way to the finish line, smiling and tears came out suddenly.



The Peak where I came from. Last 10km til the finish line


A Finsher’s medal, snack were given and also interviewed by Lady MC asking where I came from and told I was the 85th finisher out of 400+ runners.



Finisher’s medal



Finally after 11 hours and 55 mins of gruelling race I was able to conquered and finished the The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge – 50k. This experienced taught me a lot of lessons.. one of those is ” Never never ever give up, despite all the challenges and trials. Just believe in yourself and have faith.”



Medal and Bib

To sum it all, this was a test of Physical and Mental endurance. One of the best experience as a runner and adventurer. Will I join again next year? 100k? let’s see then 🙂

Taper Mode

I had a little and relaxing run/hike at Mt. Makiling yesterday tapering for much awaited TNF100, I took some pictures along the way.




I started run/hike at exactly 8:30am and reached Peak 2 around 10:30am, I encountered traditional hikers and even runners who’ll join TNF100 as well.



What can you say about this road-construction along the trails up to Agila Base?


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