Mt. Arayat 12k Mountain Race

Details of the race here:

We arrived at Abe’s Farm 5-10mins before the gunstart, since were not registered yet, we rushed and immediately for onsite registration ( no Technical shirt – limited stocks only, we were told that we will be contacted thru text for delivery of the shirt) as of this writing still no communication from them.



Our destination – Mt. Arayat


My 1st time running/hiking in Mt. Arayat and event joined hosted by Race Director Atty. Jon Lacanlale and what can I say?Wow just wow! the scenery and view is superb at the summit and the trails I like it!  I can compare the steeps like in MakTrav (Mt. Makiling Traverse) except the downhill portion of the route.

The markers are almost everywhere, good aidstations ( they offered water, chocolate bars, snacks and fruits! +10 for this)




an upHELL climb



Campers at the summit.


This is me at the summit of Mt. Arayat ( turning point of the race)

Results here:



Finisher’s medal and my Race Bib


Finished time of 2:59:59 #31 out of 102 runners.


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